Auto4U Car Rental Company Website Design Case Study



Auto4U is a car rental business based in Poland founded by Karol, an experienced entrepreneur with a background in the automotive industry who wanted a modern, semi-automatized website platform to drive traffic to his new business.

The project focuses on maximising convenience, which tends to be the most important factor for people looking to rent cars. We ensured that the website was easy to navigate and that the rental process was seamless from start to finish so that more visitors ended their session with a purchase.

The project was a collaboration with WeAreCreative studio, which provided the graphic design and media for the website. Together we worked closely with the founder and developed this affordable yet functional online platform to enable Auto4U’s in-house team to manage and scale the business effectively without any help from third parties.

This car hire website case study documents our process step-by-step and shows how we came to this outcome.


Renting a car is all about convenience, so we had to keep clutter at a minimum for the front-end while also displaying the car fleet available for clients along with the characteristics for each vehicle, such as technical information, availability, and pricing.

This feature had to be connected with a custom content management system that would allow the Auto4U team to manage bookings, car availability, add new cars to the fleet using templates, and update the website on a daily basis.


Our partners at WeAreCreative designed excellent branding guidelines, logo, and took care of the layout of the website, which we then turned into a functional car rental company website design. Thanks to their artistic direction and branding, we managed to highlight Auto4U’s automotive roots and empower the company to continue pursuing its vision.

The website features a sleekdesign with an interactive slider on the Home page that lets visitors choose right away the vehicles available to their needs. Upon clicking a specific category, visitors get redirected to a specific catalogue page that contains a list of available vehicles with additional pictures, characteristics, and a call to action that will help them make a decision about renting the car.

Once the decision is made, the visitor will be welcomed by a custom contact form where they can submit a query directly and hear back from Auto4U’s employee that will then present an offer on the phone to complete the conversion.


With a new website, Auto4U can now showcase its offer to potential clients and take them through the entire process of renting a car, ending with a phone call from an agent, which allows the agents for maximum sales flexibility.

The in-house team can also make any changes necessary to the car fleet, availability, or characteristics of a given vehicle to tailor the offer to the visitor’s needs and maximise conversions.

This project was completed fully remotely with tools such as Google Meet for group calls and screen sharing, which we used to source live feedback from the founder at every stage of the process.
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