Moach - Personal Coach Website Design Case Study



Moach is a personal coaching company ran by Patrick Flynn, who started his career in finance in London and then moved to the US, where he got involved with various non-profit organisations and LGBTQ community projects. After returning to London, he decided to share his knowledge with others and help them live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Patrick found us online and provided basic resources for the project. We first designed the website using stock pictures as placeholders and encouraged Patrick to meet our trusted photographer in London to take professional pictures matching the design. The photo shoot was a success, and we used the pictures in the design.

The final project featured pastel colours to invoke trust and friendliness. We also implemented some on-request solutions, such as MailChimp integration, which will allow Patrick to grow his business and contact potential clients through email - another powerful channel in marketing communication.

In this LGBTQ personal coach website case study, we’ll tell you exactly how we built Patrick’s online presence from scratch and opened doors for new growth opportunities.


Before we started working on the project, Patrick had some online presence on different social media channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, but he lacked a personal website to showcase his expertise as a service provider.

While working on this LGBTQ personal coach website design, our main goal was to build trust among website visitors. By making the website more friendly, we wanted to show Patrick’s personal side and experience to show visitors that they can trust him with their deepest struggles.


We designed the whole website with building trust in mind. To achieve even more authenticity, we recommended Patrick take professional pictures with our trusted friend in London. This way, we were able to capture specific poses and clothing to supplement the website’s design.

Because life coaching tends to be a personal matter, which is especially the case for minorities, we included an extensive FAQ section and a case study to further prove that Patrick is the right person for people seeking help.

The website also contains custom solutions, such as MailChimp integrations, which Partick can now use to grow his email list and keep in touch with people who have shown interest in his services.

Patrick also provided some content for the website but decided to contact a professional copywriter to improve the texts and make them more user-friendly as well as insert specific keywords that will help the page rank higher in the searches, effectively boosting Patrick’s visibility in London and the Isle of Dogs area.


Today, Moach is a prosperous business that can reach clients through multiple online channels, including social media, bespoke-made website, and email. With those tools at hand, Patrick can fully leverage the potential of his business and help even more people live the lives they deserve.

The project was completed remotely with email, WhatsApp, and Google Meet, which we used to screen-share the design and get feedback to ensure that Patrick was satisfied at every stage before we moved on to developing the website into a fully functional domain.


"Feedback so far has been awesome, with very positive comments on the quality of the site (thanks to you) and information. It was a good call to entrust your expertise and recommendations. Thank you for all that, I appreciate it."
Patrick Flynn


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