Kortas Training - NVQ centre website and digital marketing



Kortas Training Ltd. is an independtent construction qualifications provider based in Acton, London.

As a starting business Kortas Training Ltd. needed to build their web presence from scratch. We agreed that a bespoke website will be a cornerstone of their marketing, where visitors can learn about their services, the process of education and contact Kortas Training directly.
Works for this project included bespoke website design, content development, branding guidelines, social media channels & internet advertisement launchpad.
Now Kortas Training Ltd. is generating leads from their website and supplying their services to construction companies across London. After delivering the NVQ centre website design, I was rehired by Kortas Training to support them in their digital marketing efforts.


Kortas Training required a complex plan and execution to get underway with their web presence while simultaneously starting trading; a website that will represent their business, collect potential clients queries and multiple social media channels to maximize their outreach and approachability.

Due to non-existing marketing or branding, the approach had to be compound and synchronized with early stages of business development.


Kortas Training founders entrusted me with their entire web presence, digital marketing and branding. To provide full support I've assisted them with obtaining the domain name, choosing a hosting provider and with hiring a professional graphic designer to create their logo.

During couple creative sessions we were able to gather some great content about their business to engage website visitors, come up with effective advertisement materials and plan marketing strategy for upcoming months.


Currently, Kortas Training Ltd. is successfully serving multiple companies in the construction sector across London. They quickly grew their professional network thanks to social media and are expanding the range of services to meet the increasing demand for their work.


"The new website looks great! Thank you for your help in building a web presence for my new business and everything else along the way. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to achieve for us with your digital marketing skills. #rehired 😉
Cemal Kortas
Director of Kortas Training


Domain and hosting registration, website CMS, online security measures
Bespoke WordPress website across all devices
Content creation, branding guidelines, business development
Website responsive design, GDPR and privacy policy accordance
Online advertisement, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
Ongoing maintenance and support
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