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Passionate, virtuosic group of musicians and one of the leading brass bands to hire in London, UK.

The group already had notable reputation on the London music scene and some presence on social media. However, their rich experience in performing on live events and festivals did not translate to professional web presence to showcase the band online.
The project started in late October 2019 and was completed mid-December, as planned on time to launch the website simultaneusly with the release of their new single "Cheddar Biznuss".
To my delight, just a month later in mid-January 2020, Das Brass informed me, that despite typically unfavorable post-new-year season, the band is getting significant amount of bookings and already consider investing in SEO to leverage their site.


When we started the band already had a well-documented record of performing on live events in the UK and across Europe, a vibrant music portfolio and dozens of great testimonies from their clients. Unfortunately, none of these vantages was presented, utilised or promoted online for their success.

Absence of a well-crafted website of the band, no online-accessible portfolio and lack of direct contact method hindered
being found by new clients, getting industry recognition and finding new growth opportunities.


To solve these pain points we proposed designing a website tailored to music industry niche and personalized using media Das Brass gathered over the years. Website, that will highlight their amazing portfolio, including information on upcoming events, a selection of playable music tracks and an attractive gallery of videos.

Supporting the portfolio functionality, the website would also focus the content and links from all other online channels. Artist profiles of Das Brass on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and video clips from their YouTube account, as well as direct links to ticket-booking portals and existing social media.


Thanks to the efficient communication and excellent media available, we managed to create a compelling and elegant website that is relevant to their target demographic- worldwide audiences searching for brass music, clients looking to hire a brass band in London, but also for event organisers as well as music and entertainment industry media and influencers.

To my delight, only a month after the website launched, I received great feedback from Das Brass. I was told that even though the post-NYE period is usually tranquil in their industry, they are already getting a significant number of bookings which will allow them to invest in SEO and leverage their web presence even further.


"Delighted with the website! It's hard not to recognise the 'extra-mile' effort and craftwork involved in this project."
Band member of Das Brass


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