New branding and website for electrical services company



This article presents a case study of how we created a new website and a new visual identity for HALESZCZUK Sp. z o.o., a company that provides electrical services and inspections.

Our client is Mr.  Haleszczuk, the owner of HALESZCZUK Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in electrical services. The company offers comprehensive inspection solutions, expert opinions, design, supervision and multi-branch assistance. 

As a result of the company's expansion from a sole trader to an LLC, the client decided to establish a new visual identity and a new website for the company. HALESZCZUK Sp. z o.o. enjoys recognition and trust in its industry. It mainly carries out large projects, ensuring the highest quality of services for reputable companies. Over the years, it has cooperated with many clients from Lower Silesia and Poland, including giants such as LG Energy Solution or SK Hi-Tech.

As part of the company's development, the client created a new website to present the company's offer better and facilitate contact with potential clients. The new website was also to reflect the new visual identity of the company, which was to be modern, professional and easily recognizable.




To design the new website for HALESZCZUK Sp. z o.o. was an exciting and ambitious task for us, which posed some challenges. 

First, we had to create a new visual identification of the company that would match its character and industry. We designed a new logo, colour scheme and branding elements that are modern, professional and easily recognisable. 

Additionally, due to the change of the company name, we had to provide the client with a new domain and email under the new brand and a secure import of data from the old email account. During the implementation, we recommended our go-to hosting and domain provider for the client, which allowed for significant cost optimisation for the client (several hundred PLN compared to the previous 

The client also wanted to be able to update the website so that he could easily add job offers, modify text or add photos. Therefore, we created the website based on a CMS system, which is simple and intuitive to use.


As part of creating a new branding for the client's company, we designed a new logo based on the client's concept. The client wanted memorable branding. Hence, we chose colours such as red and white. The new logo is simple but at the same time elegant and dynamic. It reflects the character of the company and its industry.

We created a modern informational website that presents all the services offered by the company. The website was built on the latest version of WordPress, using a modern and intuitive content management system, Oxygen. This allows the client to add individual sections, such as new job announcements, independently. 

Additionally, in the admin panel, we uploaded additional photos and icons so that the client can consistently add new content with the new website's style. All the media files used were compressed to the latest lighter formats, which improved the website's loading speed. The website was also secured with a firewall and CAPTCHA to protect the data and users from malicious software and hacker attacks.


We measured the success of the project based on several critical indicators. 

First, we met all the client's expectations, our most critical measure of success. The client is happy with the new website and plans to further develop it with us. 

One of the key goals was to improve the website's loading speed, which we achieved thanks to code optimization and changing the hosting provider. Based on the Google PageSpeed Rank tool, it is clear how the website's performance has improved. 
The previous website ( scored 64%, while the new website ( achieved a score of as much as 96%.

Thanks to the new website, the client can better present his offer, increase his recognition and gain new customers. These are benefits that translate into the development of the company and its profits.

This proves that our technological solutions have brought the expected results. But most importantly, the client is satisfied and sees the added value in our cooperation. This is the most significant success for us.


"I fully recommend this company for creating my website and conducting marketing activities. I am satisfied with the services and good communication. In short, I recommend!"
Tomasz Haleszczuk
Founder and Director at Haleszczuk Sp. z o.o.


A new branding for our clients based on their vision and needs, which is memorable and recognisable.
Personalised content for the entire website, tailored to our client's industry, goals and audience.
Provided the client with a hosting and domain package, which is fast, secure and cost-effective.
Built a modern and secure website using WordPress and Oxygen, which are easy to use and edit.
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