Arthur Employment Law Website Design Case Study



Arthur Employment Law is a law firm located in London’s Canary Wharf district, specialising in helping B2B clients with HR consultancy, training, and presentations.

The founder, Caragh Arthur, discovered us online back in 2018 and entrusted us with a complete redo of the old, outdated website to convey her expertise and experience with a classy-looking design where every piece of information can be found easily within seconds.

We carefully chose the resources, such as fonts, icons, and logos, to achieve the desired results, as well as expanded the old one-page website design with additional subpages to present the information in a more accessible way.

Today, Arthur Employment Law thrives as a company, and the NetSwifter team maintains the website and updates it with new articles to further solidify AEL’s position as experts in employment law.

In this London law firm website case study, you’ll learn how we managed to complete this project remotely while working closely with the founder to ensure success at every stage.


While Arthur Employment Law already had some online presence, the founder knew that it didn’t fully convey the intended message. The old website showed simplistic and outdated design not fit for mobile devices, with generic texts and images.

Caragh wanted to present the company as the number one choice for employment law advice through a beautiful employment law firm website design. Because AEL aimed mostly at business owners in Canary Wharf and other high-end clientele, which tends to be difficult to satisfy, we needed to be intentional about everything we put on the website to get their approval.


To appeal to high-street business owners, we had to present the company as the number one choice for employment law advice through an elegant and classy design, supplemented with premium quality texts and images.

We also decided to split the new design into 4 subpages to improve user experience and allow visitors to find what they’re looking for faster, without wasting time scrolling through a lengthy page just to miss that one piece of information they were interested in. One of the subpages serves as a blog which will help the firm get even more organic traffic through Google and other popular search engines.

The founder helped us develop the content for the website, which resulted in unique copy that embodies AEL’s business identity and Caragh’s expertise. We then outsourced the additional copywriting for this project to a native English speaker who made sure that the content perfectly supplements the design and positions AEL as local leaders in their field.


Arthur Law Employment can now present their online visitors with a premium-quality and unique feel website resonating with the right kind of clients.

The new website contains much more information than the previous version, which was merely a 5-minute read. Visitors can now find the exact information they’re looking for thanks to the easy-to-navigate website and blog section that keeps generating traffic from people interested in current matters, such as Brexit, human rights, and the impact of COVID-19 on employment law.

The whole project was completed remotely with communication tools such as Google Meet, which we used to get live feedback and suggestions at each stage of the design process. To this day, maintenance and other work are done remotely.


"Website looks great, and hiring your copywriter was a good call on your part. Thank you Michael, I am very pleased."
Caragh Arthur
Director of Arthur Employment Law


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Logo design perk up and new branding guidelines
Fast and safe WordPress website across all devices
Ongoing maintenance and blogging
Bespoke content development and copywriting
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