Here’s a collection of websites we designed in the last few years. Read the case studies and client success stories. Behind every website design by NetSwifter you'll find out how we helped our clients overcome challenges by proposing innovative solutions and delivering meaningful results. 

As for the testimonials, they hopefully speak for themselves.


Testimonies of our clients we've gathered over the years.

  • Website looks great, and hiring your copywriter was a good call on your part. Thank you Michael, I am very pleased.

    Caragh Arthur
    Director of Arthur Employment Law

    Feedback so far has been awesome, with very positive comments on the quality of the site (thanks to you) and information. It was a good call to entrust your expertise and recommendations. Thank you for all that, I appreciate it.

    Patrick Flynn
    Founder of Moach

    Delighted with the website! It's hard not to recognise the 'extra-mile' effort and craftwork involved in this project.

    Member of Das Brass
  • It’s our second business website made by NetSwifter since 2019, and again they got our order spot on: Clean and memorable design, helpful informational content and online platform our agents can work with on a daily basis. Thanks again!

    Cemal Kortas
    Director of Kortas Recruitment

    We're glad we decided to work with you Michael. Our new site is so much faster and easier to work with than before the revamp.

    You made it SO SIMPLE. You rock Michael, thanks!

    Kamil Czubiński
    V. P. of Internships Program at ELSA

    Michael is a dedicated, hard-working specialist and great advisor with good judgement. If you're looking for a positive, honest and professional cooperation, he's the right person for the job.

    Monika Kutowska
    Customer Success Team Leader at Casbeg
  • Worth its price! Amazing 'hands-on' approach and 110% support. They're already developing website for my other business.

    Bogdan Boisan
    Founder of British University

    He has a wide network of contacts in different businesses. In addition, he has already collaborated with a variety of bloggers and other persons of infuence.

    He will definitely be a highly valuable asset to your organisation.

    Mathias Radtke
    Software Engineer at UIB Gmbh

    Thank you for the great advice and a splendid website! Reliability, resourcefulness and always friendly service are distinguishing NetSwifter from the competition.

    Dariusz Bajor
    Co-founder of Zielony Dom


Our past work and case studies we've created.

Wedding Decorator's Website Design: 3-step Journey from Slow to Sleek

Known for its meticulous attention to detail and exquisite wedding decorations, Burza Dekor is a demanding wedding organizer.

They contacted us in 2020 to request some website fixes and were pleased with our customer service. However, when they needed more updates in 2022, we saw the opportunity to offer them something more.

We were aware that an extensive upgrade would end up being more affordable in the long run because the outdated website was slow, challenging to operate, and lacking in modern design and tech. This is where our journey from slow to sleek began.

case study

Rehired by a London construction industry firm to deliver a multi-functional website for their new Ltd.

Kortas Recruitment is a new recruitment company based in London with services spanning the entire United Kingdom. After trusting us with developing a website for Kortas Training in 2019, which grew to be a successful business providing National Vocational Qualification courses, the founder reached out to us in 2021 with his new business venture and another website design project.

This project is a part of our Bespoke Website Design package. It included website design, website development, premium stock images, copywriting, and domain hosting.

case study
Kortas Recruitment - Case study - NetSwifter - 10

A green energy company gets online to showcase their industry knowledge and past work

Zielony Dom is an eco-friendly company and smart home service provider offering products such as solar panels. Because the renewable energy market is already saturated, we decided to highlight the company’s qualifications and past projects using real-life images, hard-evidence documentation, and testimonials.

This project is a part of our Bespoke Website Design package. It included website design, website development, premium stock images, copywriting, and domain hosting.

case study

A new car rental business gets a custom website to streamline car bookings and manage its fleet with modern web solutions

Auto4U is a newly established business that needed a modern and easy-to-navigate website to allow visitors to browse and rent cars online across different devices. The project features custom solutions and graphics from a third-party graphic designer. Since the website was completed, the in-house team has been managing the contents independently.

This project was ordered with the Value Website package and included website design collaboration, website development, and content management training.

case study
Car rental company website design Case study - NetSwifter - 2

A personal coach highlights his experience in business and LGBTQ culture and motivates visitors to take direct action

Moach was founded by Patrick, who is a prominent personal coach from Canary Wharf, London. The website showcases his personal brand combined with his friendly and trustworthy personality. Because the services are targeted at the LGBTQ community, we put extra care to make visitors comfortable about themselves and working with a coach using case studies and empathetic copywriting.

This project included website design, website development, premium stock images, copywriting, and email marketing integration with MailChimp.

case study

London law firm gets a neat and classy website redesign to find their voice and attract the right clients

Arthur Employment Law is a B2B employment law consulting firm located in Canary Wharf, London. The website was a part of a bigger project as the company needed a complete revamp of its online presence and branding, which we did together with third-party partners. Today, we keep providing services to the company with ongoing technical support and blog post writing.

This project included website design, website development, logo redesign, copywriting, and digital marketing.

case study
Employment law firm - Website Design Case study - NetSwifter - 5

A student advisory agency gets an online platform to keep visitors updated daily

British University is an educational consultancy based in London providing international students with mentoring and funding. The project involved building an online platform the University can use to enrol new students, update course databases, and start building their reputation online rather than having to rely on word of mouth.

This package included website design, website development, custom plugins integration, copywriting, and on-site SEO.

case study

London’s leading brass band for hire showcases their passion online

Das Brass is a virtuosic group of musicians and a leading brass band for hire in London. Despite their well-documented record of live events across the UK and Europe, the brand lacked an online portfolio to communicate their experience. We highlighted Das Brass’s past and upcoming events with links to booking websites as well as profiles on music sharing platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud to give visitors easy access to the band’s music.

This package included website design, website development, and branding guidelines.

case study

Clinical aesthetics boutique builds trust in a highly competitive industry

Open Aesthetics is a quickly-growing aesthetics boutique based in London. Because the business was just getting started, the resources were limited, and we had to use everything we could to make their website stand out. In the end, we decided to highlight the boutique’s top-grade service and favourable testimonials. We also included a content management system to let the owner update the information on the website herself as the business grows and starts offering more services.

This package included website design, website development, branding guidelines, copywriting, and CMS (content management system).

case study
Kortas Training

High-visibility website for NVQ Assessment Centre in London

case study
John Reardon

Minimalist portfolio for Goldsmiths University resident artist

case study
Praktyki Prawnicze

Job board site for European Law Students Association

case study
Dr Maria Zoutsou

Breezy revamp for a London-based stress-relief coach's website

Ethiopic Kitchen

A traditional cuisine caterer moves her business online in the face of 2020 restrictions in the industry

Off Goldsmiths

Straightforward collective portfolio of Goldsmiths University art & politics students

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