Website revamp for job board site Praktyki Prawnicze


Overview is a job board website founded by the European Law Students Association, that brings together Polish law firms and law students, allowing listing internship offers and searching for legal internships across Europe.

The site already had hundreds of visitors every day and posted dozens of job offers weekly. However, site owners felt that it required a complex upgrade including web design, SEO and loading speed.
Now, the website with a modernised jobs board provides much better user experience, and site administrators are pleased with the ease and efficiency of managing ever-changing content.


The website was first developed in the early 2000s when mobile devices were not used for browsing the Internet and job boards were much smaller, requiring less maintenance. By 2018, the long outdated technology crippled the way the site was displayed on various devices, and how it performed in the modern web environment.

Additionally, administrators of the site requested an upgrade of the old back-end framework that hindered updates and content management, which used to cost them extra time and effort on a daily basis.


To effectively present the content of site and partner companies, the design required a definite upgrade. It was necessary to optimise the website's responsiveness to ensure proper user experience on mobile devices. Improvements in the content management system (CMS) allowed admins to update the site faster and easier.

By recommendation, additional works were carried out to update site's policies to meet 2018's GDPR law amendments. Also, to leverage SEO, snippets and keywords were amended to increase traffic from search engines.


The modernised website welcomes visitors with a sleek and fast loading design, while administrators are pleased with the ease of managing content of their site.

The website is ranked no. 1 on the first page of Google search results for selected keywords, which was improved thanks to thought-through SEO techniques and upgrading to the newest back-end technology leveraging security and performance.


"We're glad we decided to work with you Michael. Our new site is so much faster and easier to work with than before the revamp.

You made it SO SIMPLE. You rock Michael, thanks!"
Kamil Czubiński
Assistant for the International Students Internships Exchange Programme at
ELSA Poland


Value WordPress website across all devices
CMS modernization (Content Management System)
On-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Security (SSL), privacy (GDPR) and performance improvements
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