Wedding Decorator's Website Design: 3-step Journey from Slow to Sleek

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Known for its meticulous attention to detail and exquisite wedding decorations, Burza Dekor is a demanding wedding decorator and coordinator.

They contacted us in 2020 to request some website fixes and were pleased with our response time. However, when they needed more updates in 2022, we saw the opportunity to offer them something more.
We were aware that an extensive upgrade would end up being more affordable in the long run because the outdated website was slow, challenging to operate, and lacking in modern design and tech. This is where our journey from slow to sleek began.
The new website is not only modern and high-quality, but also user-friendly, perfect for both desktop and mobile devices. This wedding decorator's website design case study showcases our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.


The task was to design a website that reflected the depth of Burza Dekor's services. The website has to be visually beautiful, user-friendly, and intuitive, as well as fully responsive and optimised for mobile viewing.

One of the requirements was that the website be simple to manage for the client, allowing them to make updates and changes without the need for a web developer. Other issue was overweight file sizes of photos and portfolio, which hindered loading times and usability.


Our solution was to give the website a complete overhaul while retaining its existing brand assets and text content. We achieved this by utilizing the latest technology and user-friendly platform - WordPress with the Oxygen engine. This combination offered a fast, responsive design, streamlined content editing, and unparalleled design flexibility.

To enhance the website's performance, we optimized all media files, such as photographs and videos, to ensure quick loading times for visitors. The website was further optimized through the implementation of modern security and caching plugins, which helped speed up the website's performance and load time.

We also made it effortless for the client to manage the site by providing them with a simple and easy-to-use management dashboard. This allowed the client to focus on their business without worrying about technicalities of managing a website.


The end result was a website that surpassed our client's expectations. The new design adheres to the existing branding, and the website is now considerably more visually appealing and user-friendly. The website is mobile-friendly, which improves the user experience and how the website ranks in Google.

The website is also simple to manage for the client, allowing them to make updates and adjustments without the need for a web specialist. Our client was overjoyed with the end product and has noticed a considerable boost in website traffic and conversions since the launch of the new site.

We were honoured to contribute to Burza Dekor's web presence reflecting the quality and competence they deliver to their clientele.

See below how Google ranked Burza Dekor's new website:


"I highly recommend working with Michał, he does a brilliant job, my website looks exactly as I wanted and gives me great results. Michał is a very conscientious person who can find a solution in any situation and immediately offers help and advice. I give great suggestions and interesting solutions that can be used on the website and contact with him is very efficient, I recommend :)"
Justyna Zapieraczyńska - Andrzejczak
Burza Dekor


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