John Reardon - Goldsmiths College resident artist portfolio website



John Reardon is Artist in Residence in the Politics Department, Goldsmiths, London where he is a co-founder of the MA Art & Politics. 

John found me on Gumtree, where one of my ads convinced him to call and meet me for a coffee at busy Liverpool Station. John explained to me that he's regularly traveling and has no time to rework his old, underdeveloped website.

Beside our initial meeting all the communication and works for this project were performed remotely using video calls and email. My duties for this project included design and development of the website and some image editing.

Project was polished to John's satisfaction and upon delivery he entrusted me another website to develop- collective portfolio of his students projects.


We quickly established that Reardon desires a minimalistic design that will showcase a selection of his past endavours in a simple and clear way. However, to meet requirements of genuine artist, we had to fine-tune each element via Skype during entire development process.

An unexpected challenge was the amount of resources to be included on the site, as John had dozens of well documented projects under his belt.


After just couple of video calls we've developed an efficient communications and shared vision for the design. Whole process of tuning the site was consistent and painless.

We've also selected a handful of most significant and spectacular projects. The media-rich resources John provided were polished and utilised to develop an engaging and informative content for the website.


The aesthetics and content have been approved and the website is now Johns' official online portfolio.

Immediately after delivery John have entrusted me with development of another website. This time a collective portfolio of his art students at Goldsmiths University.

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